Where, oh, where to begin…?

Thinking of heading on the path of sustainability, but no idea where to start?! I completely understand how daunting it can be as you start becoming aware of every single day-to-day activity that results in you adding one more piece of trash or plastic to this planet. But before you become too overwhelmed and give up on the idea all together, here are some quick-start tips to get going on your sustainable, zero-waste journey!

Start small, buy a reusable bottle. The trick here is to remember to fill it and take it with you every time you step out the door. This may seem drastic, but a couple of times when I initially forgot to carry my reusable bottle, I refused to buy bottled water and remained thirsty for a few hours until I got home! This was a lesson to remember and I hardly every forgot my bottle again! Our planet is in a state of utter disarray and crisis, so going thirsty for a few hours in order to not add one more piece of plastic to our oceans is a small price to pay.

Buy a reusable cutlery set (steel straw, fork, knife, spoon, chopsticks etc…). The next time you go for a quick bite or order some takeout, remember to let the server know not to include 17 pieces of cutlery and napkins with your order. It may seem insignificant, but that stuff adds up!

Get a bamboo toothbrush…

One for the ladies, switch to a menstrual cup. It may seem scary at first and you may think you’ll have to become a contortionist in order to get it in the right place, but trust me, it only gets easier after a couple of tries! You’ll be doing your part in ensuring that toxic, hazardous waste does not accumulate in our landfills for years and years after we’re long gone, and the amount of money you’ll save in the long run is just an added bonus. I wrote a separate post this on this…check it out!

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